tisdag 4 april 2017

Just nu ser jag fram emot -

- Polar Eclipse Theatres uppsättning av Noel Howards PRIVATE LIVES - på originalspråket - som gästspelar på Playhouse Teater: 

Written by Noël Coward 
Directed by Stefan Marling 

Och om du går till deras faceooksida, klickar på eventet och säger "Cocktail"i dörren så kostar biljetterna bara 100:-, och studenter går in gratis. Här är länken.
Elyot and Amanda are glamorous, wealthy . . . and divorced after a short but passionately explosive  marriage. Their love is suddenly rekindled when, by chance, they take adjoining suites at the same hotel while honeymooning with their new spouses, Victor and Sibyl. They fling themselves headlong into a whirlwind of love and lust once more, without a thought for present partners or past sins.
Noël Coward's razor-sharp dialogue and classic one-liners crackle away as the play takes an unflinching look at dysfunctional relationships smoothed over with plenty of acerbic wit and more than a few champagne cocktails."

Biljetter hittar du HÄR.

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